Class Descriptions


The perfect class to experience several dance styles! Combo classes focus on ballet, tap, and creative movement.  We also offer a combo of Ballet & Jazz and new this year, Tap & Jazz.  It’s a fun way to try a few different dance styles in one class!


Ballet focuses on allowing dancers to learn classical terminology and technique that is the foundation of the art of dance.  Dancers will learn proper alignment, posture, and fluidity through classical ballet.


High-energy dance style with a focus on isolations, turns, and leaps.  Dancers will learn flexibility while also connecting different movements through combinations.


Learn to express and tell a story through this style as you flow through different movements.  Lyrical takes the slow fluidity of ballet and mixes it with the turns and leaps of jazz.


Rhythmic patterns and musicality will be key in this class.  Dancers will learn to tap to different music patterns and connect steps together.

Acro/Tumbling Tricks

Take gymnastics to the dance floor in these classes.  Individual focus is key in this class where dancers will learn tumbling on mats.   Participants in Tumbling Tricks will learn a wide range of skills from backbends, cartwheels, aerials and back handsprings.

Hip Hop/Breaking

A structured method of learning various Hip Hop movements, while providing an intense workout in an energetic environment. Dancers will have fun with this upbeat style as they learn combinations to popular and high-energy music!

Musical Theater

Feel like you are on Broadway with this energetic style of dance.  This class has a jazz base and teaches dancers how to perform out to an audience as they learn different dances from musicals and Broadway shows.

Adult Classes

Looking to get back into dance or just find a way to get up and move after a long day in the office? All of our adult classes are fun and easy for dancers of any level.  Ask about our special adult rates!


Join the craze and get a great workout while building your confidence in this fun class!  Zumba is an aerobic workout that combines Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton and Hip Hop resulting in a unique high-energy class!

Turns & Leaps

Concentration on improving technique needed for all turns and leaps that can be used in all styles of dance. This class will involve strengthening exercises in addition to challenging across the floor and center combinations.


A guaranteed improvement of strength, this class is extremely helpful in developing a stronger core, as well as focusing on building and toning the upper and lower body muscles.  By gaining a stronger center a dancer will be provided with a wider range of ability.


Get your body prepared to advance on to pointe shoes.  Dancers will learn the importance of strengthening their feet and ankles before they go to pointe shoes to avoid injury.  The class will incorporate the use of therabands and other devices for strengthening purposes.


Technique classes are an in-depth concentration on improving the dancer’s foundations in the specific style of dance.  This class will involve some strengthening along with across the floor exercises.


This class will involve a variety of different exercises and stretches that will help the dancer gain more flexibility, which will benefit them in all styles of dance.