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iDance4aCURE October 2015

Studio Bleu is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Aha-PREP, a division of Aha-Learning. Aha-Learning is a local education company focused on college preparedness, supplemental learning, and academic remediation. Starting on September 2nd, 2014 Aha-PREP will be offering Educational and Tutoring services to all of Studio Bleu’s students who are enrolled in the program. Aha-PREP’s Educational and Tutoring Services are designed to provide support for all learners from K to the 12th grades. Qualified and certified Education Tutoring professionals will be available Monday through Friday from 3pm – 9pm at Studio Bleu’s Ashburn location. These tutoring professionals will teach academic skills, as well as serve as mentors and coaches, encouraging and guiding students throughout their educational endeavors. Whether it be helping with homework, studying for tests, or leading individual or group topic specific learning sessions, the Aha-Prep educators will be available throughout the year exclusively at Studio Bleu to help all students enrolled in the program meet their academic goals.